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BETEC 410 is a dispersion of synthetic resin which can be diluted with water; it can be added directly to water. BETEC 410 is applied as curing compound, a modifier of repair mortars, floor mortars etc. Because of the optimum polymer modification by means of synthetic resin, BETEC 410 increases the mortar workability and durability. For this reason BETEC 410 can be applied for many purposes.

BETEC 410 counters premature desiccation during the hydration process, creates a dust-free surface area and counters the formation of capillary pores, which results in increased resistance to frost and gritting materials, like salts.

Quality control

During manufacturing only high-quality aggregates are used, which meet the strictest requirements. During the production process as well as during the final stages these materials are extensively tested for quality, not only in our own laboratory, but also in independent acknowledged institutes.

Application areas Advantages
  • As an adhesive layer to reduce the absorbing capacity of the ground. This may be of importance in cases where labour-intensive wetting previously is impossible for constructional, technical or economic reasons. For this application BETEC 410 is mixed with water in a ratio of one part BETEC 410 to 3 to 5 parts water. On this layer work must be proceeded WET-IN-WET.
  • To be applied as primer, BETEC moulding mortar, like for example BETEC 110 should be prepared with a mixture of 1 part BETEC 410 to 5 parts water. This adhesive layer should be brushed in vigorously with a hard broom, so that all the pores will be filled. On this layer you should also proceed to work WET-IN-WET.
  • As synthetic modifier for repair mortars and floor mortars, BETEC is prepared with mixing water. The mixing ratio is highly dependant upon the quality of the mortar, but lies within the range of 1 part BETEC 410 to 2 to 5 parts water.
  • As curing compound. Prevents the fresh concrete or just dismantled concrete from drying out early, mixture 1 part water : 1 part 410.
  • Synthetic resin dispersion with a high content of solid substance
  • Agrees with every usual kind of cement
  • Water-soluble, can be added directly to water, also with building materials which have high contents of alkaline
  • Contains no corrosive aggregates
  • Environment-friendly
  • Reduces the water-cement ratio
  • Increases the tensile strength and the elastic capacity
  • Increases the adhesion because of better wetting
  • Less sensitive to desiccation than pure cement mortars
  • Lowers water uptake because of hydrophobic effect, so less fluctuations in water content
  • Decreased permeability
  • Increased resistance to frost and gritting materials, like salt and chemical resistance
Storage and packaging
10 Litre cans (on demand 30 and 200 l) – . Dry and frostproof, in the original and closed packaging. Storage life 12 months
Refer to safety sheets.
Processing advice
Dilute BETEC 410 with clean tap water. Prepare the mortar with this mixture. Some applications may require a different mixing ratio; after usage tools can be cleaned with water.
BETEC 410 curing compound should be applied diluted 1 : 2 with water to the moderately damp concrete surface, by means of a curing sprayer in two layers. Curing should start as soon as possible, but only after the surface has started setting. To concrete surfaces that have hardened through, for instance after demolding, BETEC 410 curing compound can be applied with a brush or roller.Tools can be cleaned with water.
Article Code 410
Colour white
Basis substance styreen-butadiene copolymer
  (water-soluble, resistant to alkaline substances)
Density [kg/dm³] 1.08
Solid content [%] 47
Membrane-forming temperature [°C] 0
Processing advice
General Processing Advice Trowel and wet guniting grouts (cement-bound) [B]
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