Deys Betontechniek B.V.

Giet- en ondersabelingsmortels,Betonreparatie producten, Injectieproducten, Kunststoffen, Mortelpompen, Voegovergang constructies

Deys Targets
  • Chemical-and petrochemical plants

  • Delta works

  • Sea Lock IJmuiden

  • Harbours

  • Industry

  • Offshore

  • Powerplants

  • Department of public works

  • Railways

  • Utility

  • Airports

  • Water treatment

  • Road and water construction

  • windmills



Deys Betontechniek has developed together with Wittekind cement specially for injection of prestressing ducts, as well for horizontal and vertical injection a premixed bleeding free injection mortar.This means that by using this RHEOWITT CABLEGROUT after pressing will not be necessary !!! This RHEOWITT will be supplied of course with all the necessary certificates like KOMO and tests like DIN EN 445:2008-01 and DIN EN 447:2008-01 

Of course we will still will supply our TRICOSAL INJECTIONADDITIVES as EH 181-EH183 en EH 187. Because of this expansion we are able to improve our service in the future on all of your building projects.
For more info about these products see :

the European Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals is in effect now. The deadline for required pre-registration of substances manufactured and imported into the European Union is November 30, 2008 (27 EU member states, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), and registration obligations follow between 2010 and 2018.
Deys Betontechniek BV is mindful of this timetable, and is committed to meeting our legal obligations under REACH at the same time as minimizing potential impacts to our customers. Our first priority remains to serve our customers by continuing to supply current products. Deys Betontechniek BV is confident that we are well prepared and expect to meet this objective. 
Deys Betontechniek BV and her factory are generally a Downstream User of chemicals and as such will be relying on our suppliers to make the necessary pre-registration and registration. 
One have collected an overwhelming majority of pre-registration confirmations or positive commitments from our suppliers. We continue to work with them to confirm they will pre-register the necessary substances by November 30, 2008. 
If our suppliers tell us anything different we will consider whether it impacts any products that you buy and support you with alternate solutions. 
For the substances that Deys Betontechniek BV places on the market as a manufacturer or importer we can confirm that all have been pre-registered. 
As the pre-registration deadline approaches, we are not aware of any situation where we will not be able to continue to supply all of our existing finished products to you after 1st December 2008. 
Deys Betontechniek BV will work with our upstream and downstream supply chain partners so that substances in our products are registered for relevant end uses. 
Deys Betontechniek BV will actively communicate with both our customers and suppliers on Chemical Safety Reports and Risk Management Measures. 
Meanwhile, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Deys Betontechniek BV or visit our page 

Yours sincerely, 

Wim G Deys/president