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BETEC 343 / 343 SF


BETEC 343/343SF are non- (wet) shrinking repair mortars of the RAPID type based on Portland cement with microsilica which are applied for constructive repairs. For applications that are to undergo temperature stress within very short notice (for example asphalting), these products can also be delivered with stainless-steel fibres industrially mixed in.

TypeGrain structure (mm)Particulars
343 SF0-4stainless-steel fibres industrially mixed in with repair mortar
Quality control

During manufacturing only high-quality aggregates are used, which meet the strictest requirements. During the production process as well as during the final stages these materials are extensively tested for quality, not only in our own laboratory, but also in independent acknowledged institutes.

Application areas Advantages
  • Repairs to prefab concrete constructions
  • Cover repairs to bridges, fly-overs, tunnels etc.
  • All the usual repairs where strength has to be developed very fast
  • Products ready for use, which are easy to process and environment-friendly
  • Chromate reduced
  • Checked volume increase
  • No plastic shrinkage
  • Very high early strengths, so loading is possible soon after application
  • Resistant to frost and gritting materials, like salt
  • Free of chlorides and other corrosive aggregates
  • Contain no aluminous cement
  • Comply with the requirements drawn up for prestressed concrete
  • Very good adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Highly resistant to oil and grease
  • Can be pumped, vibrated or poured without any danger of de-mixing
  • By adding microsilica a highly dense and homogenous mortar matrix is realised
Packaging and storage
25 kg bags. Dry and frostproof, storage life 12 months in the original and closed packaging
Refer to safety sheets.
Article Code343343343 SF343 SF
Kind of mortartrowel mortar trowel mortar 
Type of mortar [mm]4 4 
Thickness of layer [mm]10-50 10-70 
Class of strengthK70 K70 
Environmental degreexo t/m xa3 xo t/m xa3 
Application classRC3 RC3 
Volume increase [%]>0.1 en < 2.0 >0.1 en < 2.0 
Desiccation shrinkage after 90 days [mm/m]< 1.2 < 1.2 
(measurement of shrinkage on experimental patches that received no curing)    
Water penetration< 10 < 10 
Resistance to frost and gritting material (salt) (25 cycles) [mg/mm²]< 0.4 < 0.4 
Carbonatation depth (91 days) [mm]< 2 < 2 
Halogen content [%] (m/m)< 0.05 < 0.05 
Polymer contentnot applicable not applicable 
Thermic expansion coefficient [°C]< 15 x 10-6 < 15 x 10-6 
Water segregation (bleeding)none none 
Min. processing temperature ** [°C]5 5 
Max. processing temperature [°C]35 35 
Rel. humidity foundation soilmoderately damp moderately damp 
Bond strength to concrete [N/mm²]> 2 > 2 
Water dosagerefer to front of package
Calculation of amount of dry mortar [kg/m³]2100 2200 
Density of mixed mortar (kg/dm³)2.30 2.40 
Compressive strength [N/mm²]20°C10°C20°C10°C
 • 2 hours36.
 • 4 hours44.335.045.035.0
 • 8 hours47.0 52.0 
 • 1 day57.0 61.0 
 • 7 days73.0 77.0 
 • 28 days88.0 92.0 
Flexural-tensile strength [N/mm²] (20°C)20°C10°C20°C10°C
 • 2 hours4.0 10.0 
 • 4 hours5.0 12.0 
 • 8 hours6.0 13.0 
 • 1 day8.0 14.0 
 • 7 days9.0 16.0 
 • 28 days10.0 17.0 

Complies with CUR recommendation 54 x**At temperatures below 5ºC measures for winter conditions must be taken (material applicable till - 5ºC)

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The technical instructions and recommendations we provide on the basis of our experience and to the best of our knowledge, are entirely without obligation and merely provide an indication. Not all facts, problems and queries that occur during practical application can be included in a general documentation sheet. Our recommendations and instructions do not commit us to any legal obligations as a result of the purchase and application of our products. Any deviating agreements made by our employees that are not included in our datasheets will only be lawful providing they have been confirmed in writing by the management. Our raw materials, semi-finished products and products comply with the most stringent quality standards. This does not relieve the user of their responsibility to test our products prior to their application. Our general trading and delivery conditions, which we are happy to forward to you on demand, are and remain applicable at all times.
This specification sheet supersedes any previous versions.