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Deys Targets
  • Chemical-and petrochemical plants

  • Delta works

  • Sea Lock IJmuiden

  • Harbours

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  • Airports

  • Water treatment

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Betec Flex

  • BETEC FLEX is a 2-component flexible sealing slurry consisting of the fluid component A (polymer dispersion, mixing fluid) and of the powder component B.
  • BETEC FLEX can also be applied as an extra concrete coverage .
  • BETEC FLEX is supplied in defined proportioned packs easy to mix. BETEC FLEX seals reliably hence especially suitable for coating interior and exterior areas against water and dampness.
  • BETEC FLEX is easy to mix and apply to horizontal and vertical areas in max layers of 2 x 1 mm (total 2 mm).
  • BETEC FLEX is light grey coloured; but can be dyed with alkali-resistant full tone and toning colours.
  • BETEC FLEX is authorised for drinkwater installations
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Quality control

During manufacturing only high-quality aggregates are used, which meet the strictest requirements. During the production process as well as during the final stages these materials are extensively tested for quality, not only in our own laboratory, but also in independent acknowledged institutes.

Application areas Advantages
  • waterproofing coatings of damp ..rooms, shafts, tanks, sinks and ..water reservoirs
  • coatings of workshops,industrial floors, parking areas, ..walkways, stairs, balconies and ..garages
  • sealing of floors and walls, patching ..of retaining walls, concrete ..constructions, cantilever slabs of ..bridges and warehouses.
  • Non-corrosive as it is free of Chlorides and rust developing additives.
  • Chromates poor
  • extremely flexible and highly abrasion resistant
  • high bond to practically all surfaces
  • good permeability to water vapour as well as excellent resistance to frost and de-icing salts
  • resists high pressure water and engine oil
  • time-saving application very economical.
  • Resistant to frost and gritting materials, like salt
Packaging and storage
32 kg Units (9 kg Component A and 23 kg Component B). Component A (Liquid)Undamaged and unopened original packaging: 12 months (cool, frost-free and protected against sunlight).Open buckets: 7 days. Frozen component A can never be used. Shake well before use A Component B (Powder) 12 months (cool and frost-free) GISCODE ZP1
Refer to safety sheets.
Specification for using
Mix component A + B only with a low rpm electrical mixer with a double spindel. Do not add water. Pour approx. 1/2 of component A in a plastic container and add component B (grey powder) slowly and gradually during stirring at low speed. Mix until a homogenous and lump-free material is achieved. Part of component A or also the rest can be added as needed for desired consistency. Apply BETEC FLEX on matt damp substrate only. Remove excess water and puddles prior to application. Break edges in line and prepare round edge. Please consult us in case or large repairs. Do not apply BETEC FLEX below +5 °C or above +30 °C ambient, project and material temperature. Apply homogenous and lump-free mixed BETEC FLEX with ceiling brush, paint brush, plastic trowel, rubber squeegee, roller or by spraying onto the clean substrate well saturated with water. For coating floors use BETEC FLEX in liquid consistency (add component A completely). First layer is applied by trowel or roller, second one by squeegee and spike roller for level-ling. Vertical application is by ceiling/brush or tooth trowel and smoothing trowel. Apply BETEC FLEX sealing texture in 2 layers of maximum 1 mm each. Second layer can be applied as soon as the first is passable, however not later than after 3 days. Final layer thick-ness should not exceed 2 mm. Hardening time at + 20 °C:
• passable after approx.16 hours
•.slightly mechanically loadable ..after approx.3 days
• fully loadable after approx.7 days
•.Clean tools with water before BETEC FLEX hardens.
After treatment
Protect against rapid drying-out, strong wind, frost and direct sun light, as well as over a period of at least 48 hours against extreme weather conditions, for example rain or hail.
Article codeBetec FlexBetec Flex
 Component A/ 9ltrComponent B/23 kg
MaterialFluidPowder (0-0,5 mm)
Density [ g/cm³ ]1,0approx. 1.5
Solid content [ % ]57100
 Component A/B 
min / max allowable temperature of the building element during application+5°C till + 30 °C 
Calculation quantity (consumption per coat after water addition)[ kg/m²/mm]approx. 1.5 
Workability time [pot-life]. Depending on temperature[ min ]Min 30 minutes 
RatioComponent A: 1 part- Component B: 2.5 parts 
Consistencysprayable-, rollable- and spreadable 
Positive hydrostatic pressure resistance15 bar 
negative hydrostatic pressure resistance15 bar 
Initial setting1 hour 
Final setting2-4 hours 
Colour of the sealing slurrygrey 
Environmental degreeXO t/m XA3 
2 mm Betec Flex is equel to5cm of concrete 
Final maximum coating thickness [acc. technical regulations and tests]2 [ mm ] 
Elongation to break after 28 days  
At 23 gr CKlasse A4:>1.25 mm 
At - 10 gr CKlasse A3:>0.50 mm 
Tensile bond strength on concrete [28 days air storage; acc. DIN EN 1542]1.5 [ N/mm² ] 
Stability, if applied on vertical surfaces [acc. DIN EN 1542no slipping / flowing 
Water vapor permeability- Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness Sd H²O (m)4.8 
CO² permeability-Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness Sd H²O (m)71
Capillary absorption and water permeability (kg/(m².h0.5)<0.1 
carbonation inhibitoryµ (CO2) = ± 35.000 
Thermal compatibility -Freeze thaw cycling with/without de-icing/salt immersion (MPA) -Resistance to thermal shock  >1.5
Chloride  diffusion resistance (****) (-)No diffusion detected
Betec Flex has been tested by  
Hygiene Institut for using in drinking water installations  


The technical instructions and recommendations we provide on the basis of our experience and to the best of our knowledge, are entirely without obligation and merely provide an indication. Not all facts, problems and queries that occur during practical application can be included in a general documentation sheet. Our recommendations and instructions do not commit us to any legal obligations as a result of the purchase and application of our products. Any deviating agreements made by our employees that are not included in our datasheets will only be lawful providing they have been confirmed in writing by the management. Our raw materials, semi-finished products and products comply with the most stringent quality standards. This does not relieve the user of their responsibility to test our products prior to their application. Our general trading and delivery conditions, which we are happy to forward to you on demand, are and remain applicable at all times.
This specification sheet supersedes any previous versions.