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Deys Targets
  • Chemical-and petrochemical plants

  • Delta works

  • Harbours

  • Industry

  • Offshore

  • Powerplants

  • Department of public works

  • Railways

  • Utility

  • Airports

  • Water treatment

  • Road and water construction

  • windmills




BETOCHEM 1000 is a two-component elasticised moulding mass based on epoxy free of solvents, with a high resistance to various chemicals.
BETOCHEM 1000 adheres well to pre-treated steel and concrete, is waterproof and can be painted after full-hardening. The material shows no hardening shrinkage.

Quality control

During manufacturing only raw materials of high quality are used which amply meet the strictest requirements. During the production process as well as during the final stages these materials are extensively tested for quality in our own laboratory.

Application areas
  • Filling/grouting of spaces near constructions, machines, bearings etc., where some flexibility is required
  • Filling horizontal somewhat dilating cracks and joints in concrete
  • Chemically anchoring (fastening) parts in horizontal concrete surfaces.
Packaging and storage
5 kg – In the original properly closed packaging in a cool dry place, frost free minimum storage life 6 months.
Refer to the information on the packaging of the product, safety sheets and processing advice C.
By means of moulding. Tools can be cleaned with BETOCHEM brush dilutant EP.
Concrete and other cement-bound and stone-like grounds. The ground should be clean, dry and free of dust, grease and dirt and furthermore should meet the terms and conditions which generally apply.
Resistance to chemicals
Refer to list of resistance to chemicals
Article Code 1000
Colour concrete grey (RAL colour on demand)
Appearance smooth and shiny surface
Density [kg/dm³](20°C) 1.75
* (Layers thicker than 5 cm must be applied in several layers, with intervals of approx. 2 hours. Because of the exothermic reaction, thermic shrinkage could occur in thicker layers. Subsequently, during cooling the layers may crack.)
Thickness of layer [cm]* 5 cm at the maximum (per layer)
Amount to be used (kg/dm³)(at 1 mm thickness of layer) 1.75
Solid content (percentage by volume) 100
Mixing ratio (by part of weight)
 • Component A 89.5
 • Component B 10.5
Flash point [°C] (DIN 53213)
 • Component A > 100
 • Component B > 100
Potlife [min] (20°C) approx. 30
Processing temperature [°C] 10-35
Drying/full-hardening [h] (20°C/65% RH 5 cm thickness of layer) **
 • Dust-dry after approx. 6 hours
 • rapaintable after approx. 16 hours
 • ready to be walked on after approx. 24 hours
** (in system building or with several layers, a maximum drying time of 24 hours between layers applies, unless a pre-treatment of the surface has occurred.)
Compressive strength [N/mm²](20°C)
 • after 7 days 1.4
 • after 28 days 3.4
Elongation till break [%]
 • after 7 days 25%
 • after 28 days 10%
Hardness shore D
 • after 7 days 60
 • after 28 days 63
Processing advice
Please contact us, we will send you the information.


The technical instructions and recommendations we provide on the basis of our experience and to the best of our knowledge, are entirely without obligation and merely provide an indication. Not all facts, problems and queries that occur during practical application can be included in a general documentation sheet. Our recommendations and instructions do not commit us to any legal obligations as a result of the purchase and application of our products. Any deviating agreements made by our employees that are not included in our datasheets will only be lawful providing they have been confirmed in writing by the management. Our raw materials, semi-finished products and products comply with the most stringent quality standards. This does not relieve the user of their responsibility to test our products prior to their application. Our general trading and delivery conditions, which we are happy to forward to you on demand, are and remain applicable at all times.
This specification sheet supersedes any previous versions.